Bycicle Tour Mocanita - Hartibaciului Valley


Organizer: Tura in Natura

Bike Path "Mocăniţa - Hârtibaciului Valley" style circuit linking the cities of Sibiu at the entrance to the Valley Hârtibaciului, allows you to experience several attractions, historical, cultural or natural outstanding among which: the narrow railway line Mocăniţa Valley Hârtibaciului, Guşteriţa Evangelical Church, Evangelical Church of Caşolţ, Caşolţ trove of Church and Daia Fortress of Guşteriţa Forest.

The route crosses the special places near Sibiu, crossing oak forests, pastures and historic villages.

Running time: 42 km
Level difference: 620 meters
Details trail off-road 70% - 30% asphalt

For this tour we recommend the use of bicycles and mountain-bike type bicycle equipment as required by law. It also recommends wearing safety helmet for cyclists.

Route Stop Points