A Gastronomic Journey for Fans of Vegan Cuisine

A Gastronomic Journey for Fans of Vegan Cuisine

Having a healthy diet has become more important to us, especially in today’s context, as pollution, stress, and our fast-paced lifestyles take their toll on our health. Vegan restaurants are based on healthy life principles and propose balanced, varied menus; at the same time, they can be an alternative even for non-vegans, especially during fasting periods.

We searched for the best places where you can enjoy a good vegan meal in Sibiu and here’s what we found.


Are you looking for a vegan alternative to the classic burger? New Leaf Burgers is more than you could have hoped for. We loved the Almighty burger and wanted to find out the secret behind it. Their special sauce and the caramelized onions give a unique flavour to New Leaf dishes. Another pleasant surprise was that the fries to our three orders were on the house.
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We found Naturo Juice very easily after a stroll in the Big Square, as the fruits and the appetizing cakes in their looking glass drew our attention. Besides their detox programmes, you can enjoy a delicious lunch here, whether you prefer cream soups or their salads combining unique ingredients. Their motto is: “If we wouldn’t drink or eat it, we won’t sell it”.
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As the school begins, another favourite of Sibiu locals, whether vegan or not, reopens. “She’s green” opens its doors once again with a new concept, in a new location. We very much missed the dishes of She’s green, so we’re looking forward to seeing what surprises they have in store for us. They will certainly exceed our expectations, as it’s happened so far. You can choose between their three menus, which are available for home delivery, too: Healthy Lunch, Green Lunch, or Energy 4 All Day. Try them yourself!
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Even though it’s not entirely vegan, we couldn’t have left out of this gastronomic journey a small new restaurant, the first Hawaiian one in Sibiu. Their vegan option won us over: a Poke bowl with spicy tofu and Edamame, paired with a Green Smoothie. And we also went for a truly delicious desert, Tropical Bowl. 
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Restaurantul Local este una dintre surprizele listei noastre de bucătării în care mai nou se gătește vegan. Nu de mult timp au lansat un meniu al zilei 100% vegan, ce propune zilnic câte 2 preparate: o supă cremă sau ciorbă care pun în valoare legumele de sezon, dar și un fel principal prin care reinterpretează rețete cunoscute în ton cu principiile sănătoase (tocane, sarmale, chilli con carne, curry, lasagna și altele). Să faceți și voi o oprire aici, merită!
Vezi pagina Local


Lor.And este una dintre locațiile care ne surprinde, zi de zi, cu un meniu mereu nou. Combinațiile de ingrediente sunt surprinzătoare, iar multe dintre ele nu le-am mai întâlnit la nici un alt restaurant. E o plăcere să parcurgi zilnic meniul! Partea bună este că vegetarienii pot găsi în fiecare zi câte un preparat doar al lor: o supă cremă, un fel principal și un desert care va completa experiența culinară.

Noi le-am încercat des și le recomandăm nu doar vegetarienilor, cât tuturor celor deschiși la nou.
Vezi pagina Lor.And


Multe restaurante din Sibiu au în meniul preparate vegane sau vegetariene, dar sunt câteva pe care ținem să le menționăm, fiindcă ne-au atras atenția felurile de mâncare pe care le-am găsit aici:
Hochmeister Lili's Plai Lumos Jules Bistro

Dacă știi un loc nou pe care nu l-am inclus încă în listă dă-ne veste printr-un mesaj pe pagina de Facebook.

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