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Strada Pădurea Dumbrava 16-20, Sibiu, Romania


The mission of the ASTRA Museum is, for more than 100 years, to connect the audience with traditional values, through continuous change to the cultural needs of the society. Whether we are talking about Romanian, Saxon, other minority or even extra-European heritage, the ASTRA Museum is the keeper and the provider of the authentic values ​​to the community. Although its profile is ethnographic, the mission of the ASTRA Museum goes beyond the exclusive promotion of the traditional, becoming a true cultural promoter at the fusion between old and new, traditional and modern, national and global. To remain relevant to its audience, ASTRA Museum invests in programs meant to improve the cultural life of the community and encourage people to turn tradition into an active part of their daily lives. It has four museums with an extremely rich heritage varied regarding the geographical origin but also of the message it carries, the central goal of the ASTRA Museum is to represent a standard of good practices in Romanian and international museology.
Successor and keeper of the heritage and values ​​of ”The Museum of the Association”, ”The Museum of Transylvanian Civilization ASTRA”, integral part of the ”C.N.M. ASTRA”, brings to its visitors, the charming world of the multiethnic Transylvania. A simple walk through the 96 hectares of ”The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization”, reveals to visitors an image of rural life throughout our country, exhibited in over 400 houses, household annexes and technical installations.

Emil Sigerus – The Museum of Saxon Ethnography”, curator of Saxon culture and civilization in Transylvania, successor of the Carpathian Museum, has the most important ethnographic collections with a Saxon profile, with the name of the great personality, with significant merits in this field, Emil Sigerus.

Franz Binder – The Museum of Universal Ethnography” is the only museum in Romania with the profile of capitalizing on extra-European heritage. Being in conservation for the moment, the museum defines its vision as an anthropological museum of world cultures, meant to understand the social phenomena of contemporary society.

The ASTRA Center for Heritage”, with its facilities, solves the issue of conservation and restoration on all types of support, based on solid theoretical and practical knowledge. Saving heritage requires dedication, understanding, knowledge and perseverance in the process of conservation and restoration the objects and monuments that are physical, chemical and biological degraded.

The Conservation and Restoration Training Center” – represents a substructure within the ASTRA Museum which has two essential missions among the museum functions. The first involves the preventive conservation of collections, and the second, the professional development of those who contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

ASTRA Museum” – publishing house, was established in 1995, continuing and developing the publication of monographs and periodicals initiated in 1966 by the specialized team led by Cornel Irimie, founder of the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului.

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