Franciscan Church and Monastery

Franciscan Church and Monastery


Str. Șelarilor, Nr. 12-14, Sibiu, România


The Franciscan Church is located on Şelarilor Street, being built in gothic style in the 15th century. It initially belonged to the order of Saint Clare.

After the instauration of the religious reform, the church is transformed into a grain store, the building down-grading gradually.

On February 12th, 1716, General Steinville donates the church to the Franciscan monks who renovate it.

On December 28th, 1776 the gothic choir partition collapses, killing Toma Kielbach and injuring several monks. The church is renovated with the support of Empress Maria Tereza, being transformed into a baroque style church.

On the inside it is a baroque style church shaped like a hall, arched in semi-circle, with a tribune above the Northern side.

What stands out is the stone funerary monument of the General Count Damian Hugo von Virmond (1666-1722), military commander of Transylvania. In the crypt of the church there are several tombstones, including the one of Johann Haller, Governor of Transylvania.

Extremely valuable is the gothic sculpture of polychromatic wood dating since the 15th century, representing a Virgin with Child, carved by a nun.

The building that used to accommodate the former monastery is annexed to the church.

The tower of the church has almost 21,40 m and the exterior dimensions are approximately 36 m long and 16,5 m width.

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