Do you miss Sibiu?

Do you miss Sibiu?

We do! So much that we try to ease the longing with newer or older, but famous recordings, in which Sibiu is in the foreground.

by ©Living Walks

© Living Walks recording follows the most picturesque streets and squares in the historic center playing the real bustle of the city. The walk starts with the piano chords from the terrace next to the Bridge of Lies and ends with the chirping of birds from the promenade on the Cetății Street.

by ©SunChase

The video uploaded by © SunChase will take you to the Potters' Fair in the Great Square. The filmmakers will also show you the view from the tower of the Evangelical Church and they will also tell you a lot of stories about the city.

by ©Raphael Igrişianu

As the day of a great civic event is approaching (which we hope to resume soon), we found a recording about last year's Sibiu Marathon through the eyes of © Raphael Igrişianu.

by ©Duminciuc Bogdan

One of the most successful presentation films of Sibiu is the one made by Bogdan Duminciuc, the well-known visual artist. A vivid and colorful hyperlapse of Sibiu made with a lot of soul.

Sibiu in a blink of an eye

by © Gabriel George

For the end, we kept the „Happy” video from 2014, inspired by Pharrell WIlliams. We can't wait to dance again on the streets of Sibiu.

We collect the most beautiful movies on Sibiu City App’s Youtube playlist. If you have a recommendation send it to us at

Playlist „Tourist in Sibiu”

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