Drink with a view

There are countless places where to serve something good in Sibiu. Do you know the ones that have included in the menu the city's panorama ?

Exit the patterns and let yourself be surprised by the vibration of the city stretched at your feet. Take the dearest company with you and discovers new points of view:

📸 Ig.com/ralucanedu/

Celebrate very special events in your life from the height of the 11th floor.

📸 Ig.com/chhristianaa/

585 Fusion by Golden Tulip Ana Tower

Each height gives you another beautiful and unique perspective on the city. Look at the horizon from the rooftop of a building in Hipodrom neighborhood.

📸 Fb.com/berlininsibiu/

Skybar Berlin

Sometimes we need to get out of town to find an oasis of relaxation in nature. The mountain heights and the depth of the valleys covered by forests can be the right answer.

📸 Ig.com/melizanda16/

Tiffany Păltiniș

You can admire from here a different image of Sibiu with the brick chimney of the old beer factory.

📸 FB.com/theboxsibiu/

The Box Rofftop

The atmosphere is covered with the most spectacular sunsets but until the sun goes down dare to admire the height of the Evangelical Church tower and the view of the fortification valls.

📸 Răzvan Rodean

Wien Cafe

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