"Emil Sigerus” Saxons Folk Art and Ethnography Museum


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Piaţa Mică, Nr. 21, Sibiu, România


"Emil Sigerus” Saxons Folk Art and Ethnography Museum is one of the units of "ASTRA" National Museum Compound, founded in 1997, along with the opening of the fundamental exhibition “Transylvanian Tiles. 15th – 19th centuries.”, with the purpose of preserving and promoting the material and immaterial patrimony belonging to the Transylvanian Saxons minority.

"Emil Sigerus" Saxons Folk Art and Ethnography Museum took over the ethnographic patrimony owned by the Carpathian Museum (1895-1920). An important role in the improvement of the museum patrimony was that of collector Emil Sigerus, who donated over 500 valuable items, including textiles, painted furniture, glass, tin, silverware, but especially Transylvanian ceramics. The patrimony of "Emil Sigerus" Museum currently has over 8.900 pieces, structured in three collections: ceramics, costumes – textiles – embroideries and painted furniture.

Since 2007, the headquarters of the museum operates inside the House of Arts, rehabilitated historic monument, documented mention in 1370.

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