How many facets are there to the Council Tower?

How many facets are there to the Council Tower?


Piața Mică 1, Sibiu 550182, Romania

It is not a coincidence that the Sibiu City App logo includes a picture of the Council Tower. This building is much more than just another construction or historical monument in the city, as it is a symbol of the community of Sibiu.
A true “axis mundi” of the city of Sibiu (as described in a city brochure), the tower is a portal from the Small Square to the Big Square and from the past to the future. Having served as defence tower, then prison, jail, and art gallery, with its tapering spire or baroque dome, the building has witness the history of Sibiu since the 17th century.
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Whether you live in Sibiu or are just passing through, when was the last time you sent a postcard? A real, old-fashioned one, handwritten and stamped? After these last years’ lockdown and distancing measures, we feel a profound need to connect to the world around us. Gather your friends’ postal addresses and surprise them with a message that’s got an almost vintage feel to it.


Nowadays, it’s almost an automatic reaction to capture a beautiful place in a photo taken with your phone that you then quickly share on social media. We’ve found a way to replace this habit and truly take the time to minutely contemplate landscapes and monuments: “The Sibiu Sketchpad”. It comes with a set of colouring pencils and the added bonus of being made of recycled paper.
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In a box

From sketch to 3D format... The Council Tower is also available as a fun creative game.
 “Sibiul la cutie” (“Sibiu in a Box”) extends a challenge to put together the models of three notable buildings of Sibiu: the Council Tower, the House of Arts, and the Haller House.
As you cut and put the models together, you will notice a plethora of architectural details, while the descriptions provide interesting information about these monuments. 
Click here to find out where you can buy Sibiu in a Box.

Made of clay

Poveștile de lut” (“The Clay Stories”), as told by Florin Dumitru from Târgoviște, are already well-known, yet whenever we hold the houses of Sibiu city centre in our palms, our faces light up with a smile. Through them, you can have the Council Tower in our own cabinet at home.
Click here to find out where you can buy the Tower made of clay.

Painted porcelain

How about sipping your coffee from the Council Tower? Yes, yes, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee from a mug with the Sibiu panorama as seen from the Tower’s windows... Of course, only if you are able to climb 134 steps without spilling it. The cartoon version of the Council Tower is also available on hand painted porcelain mugs © made in Sibiu.
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You can even wear the Council Tower as earrings. You know what they say, earrings have been an artistic means of expressions for more than 5,000 years. What would you say wearing the Council Towers means? P.S. These earrings are 3D printed from biodegradable materials.
The Council Tower earrings are available at the souvenir stand in the Small Square.


From biodegradable to edible, the Council Tower is not only irresistible, but also the sweetest. The Tower was a starting point and inspiration for the blog “1001 călătorii” (“1001 travels”), which is why each anniversary is celebrated with a Sibiu-themed cake.
Read about the Council Tower cake (stories only, no recipes).


Having a passion for miniature architecture, Dragomir Gheorghe, from Sibiu, makes careful replicas of notable buildings from all around the country. The Council Tower is one of his most relevant such fretwork reproductions made with lots of patience, as the author himself says.
Find out a little more about the craftsman. Click here to find out where you can buy a Council Tower fretwork miniature.

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