Micro-terraces: Sibiu’s New Summer Attraction

Micro-terraces: Sibiu’s New Summer Attraction


Sibiu, Romania

This summer seems to stir people’s enthusiasm and zest for life more than any other. Still, compared to other summers, we are seeing a new trend of going out and enjoying the city. A trend that may be based on higher precautions after many months of restrictions, or on our need to socialize on a deeper, more meaningful level.

☀️ Either way, this summer, in Sibiu, micro-terraces are very in. Though they have been around for some years now, we are happy to see people coming together in new, at times unconventional places. Two-three tables on a street corner, a couple of barrels in a square, or a few benches next to the old fortress wall send a big city vibe, where this has become tradition.

These places make it so much easier and handy to socialize, there’s less bustle than at the terraces in the Big Square or the Small Square, and you get a more personal experience. We’ve discovered four such places that seem to have come alive. Do you know others? Let us know via Facebook or Instagram:)

Around a barrel of wine: Wine Not?

When you hit the wine shop Wine Not? on Târgul Vinului St., you get the feeling you’ve reached the heart of the city. Over the last two years, the small plaza on Turnului St., with its little water fountain, has completely revamped into an inviting place precisely due to the micro-terrace in front of the wine shop. 

Rarely have I seen more than ten people gathered around the wine barrels turned tables. You can easily taste several varieties in their by the glass menu on this beautifully lit terrace listening to the delicate sound of the water fountain.
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A couple of benches on a street corner: Charlie's

Charlie's is a petite coffee shop at the crossroads between Faurului and Ocnei St. It looks like the kind of place where a bunch of friends got together and, since it felt cosy, other passers-by stopped for a chat. They’ve got great coffee, a few kinds of alcohol, some snacks, and even vegetarian options. On top of the very friendly ambiance, at Charlie’s you will also enjoy the fusion of the relaxed pace of the old town and the hustle and bustle of an intersection that leads to the centre of the tourist town.
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An urban oasis next to the medieval wall: Flow Coffee Roasters

Flow Coffee Roasters opened a while ago, but it has certainly been invigorated over the last few weeks. Every weekend, we’ve watched youngsters, artists, bikers, children, dogs gather here. They play vinyl record, people can talk at length – this place perfectly merges the urban and the old town spirit.
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The „Terrace” on the Stairs Ellixirz

I’ve left this at the end, since it’s not really a terrace. However, people who go to Ellixirz for their distinct drinks often enjoy them on the stairs of the Stair Passageway along with a breath of fresh air, making for a cool, relaxed ambiance so often encountered in other European countries. Here, you can find both tourists and locals, as this is certainly a place for those who enjoy sophisticated alcoholic cocktails.
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