Sibiu businesses move online

Sibiu businesses move online


Sibiu, Romania

For the time being, our life will change

We are used to constantly search new ways to enjoy our city. But for now, and for a (hopefully a not very long) while, we net to put a halt to all activities that happen outside our homes. We'll get over it alright, as long as we follow recommendations and choose to see all this time we spend indoors as an opportunity to do all the things that we always postpone or procrastinate about. We stay indoors now only so that we can all go outside healthy, with a pile of read books, our house sparkly clean and a bunch of new ideas for the future!

Anyway, many of the things we used to enjoy doing are not possible at the moment, and this also affects the people who used to provide them for us. In this list, we tried to gather local producers or service providers that have temporarily moved their businesses online. Please try not to forget about them during these hard times, and remember how they used to make your life a little better when times were easier. These times will come again!

If you know other businesses/service providers that started offering online or remote services, send us a word, we'll be happy to include them in our list!

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Eating Out

There was a lot of diversity in the food delivery app business, even before we started staying indoors. If you haven't yet tried foodpanda, Glovo, TakeAway or EuCeMănânc, this might be a good opportunity for you to do this - you will find an abundance of cuisines there.

During the past few days, even a few restaurant that formerly had no delivery service started to deliver. And, lucky us, they are the exact restaurants that we can't stop recommending - places that seasonally re-adapt their menus and that only use fresh, local produce. Therefore, we are very glad to be the ones to tell you that Hochmeister, Pasaj, Jules Bistro and Syndicat Gourmet are now open for home-delivery!

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We need our daily routines more than ever, in this time of chaos! Especially those that sustain our body and mental health. If you used to be a regular at Andreea Miron's yoga classes from Keep Giving Yoga studio you will be very happy to find out that she started posting online classes on their new YouTube channel, and that you can keep practicing your daily workouts at home. If you were not a yoga practitioner until now, this could be a good reason to try it, and maybe when the epidemic is over you will start attending a yoga class.

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Live Shows

Events are part of our city's DNA, and they make Sibiu the city we all love. We miss them dearly, and although we know it's safer to take a break from events for a while, we will enjoy them even more once they will be safe to attend again.

For the time being, two event organisers are publishing their former shows online: The Sibiu State Philharmonic and The Sibiu Ballet Theatre. They promise to make a habit out of these broadcasts, on their facebook pages, and we can't wait to enjoy them! Hopefully, we will see more of these kind of initiatives in the future.

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Kids Activities

During these times when many of you work from home and the schools are closed, mails and e-mails are a bit more difficult to get through for parents. Let's look at the bright side though: we probably never get the chance to spend enough time with our kids, but now we do and they certainly appreciate it.

For those moments when you need to finish a task, or, even better, when you are eager to learn or do something new with your child, we found two activity ideas for you. Every morning, Codruța Răbăgel reads a story in front of her webcam and keeps the kids busy while you finish your chores. Diana Popa is a crafty storyteller who teaches kids to make all kinds of fun toys via her videos from Gong Theatre's YouTube channel.

Last but not least, four museums from Sibiu offer virtual tours that you can access online: ASTRA Museum, Natural History Museum, Guns and Trophies Museum and Brukenthal Museum.

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Avoiding crowded places is the mantra on everybody's lips, nowadays. Online shopping is definitely a better alternative than standing at long cashier lines. For small everyday shopping we recommend you use a delivery app, like Bringo or Glovo - you can order the amount a currier can carry in their backpack.

Don't forget that the choices you make can have an impact on local businesses and producers. Bătrânu Sas is a local brand that was able to quickly adapt to the situation and has recently opened their online store. Their products can now be delivered to your doorstep, free of charge. For personal hygiene we recommend another local brand - Luthelo. They also deliver and the sell high quality products, made from natural ingredients.

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