Sibiu - richness and legendary tastes

2019 will transform Sibiu – Hermanstadt into a European Gastronomic Region. Fortunately you can savor local flavors any time you fancy giving your taste buds an exquisite experience.

The gastronomical fiesta never stops and the way to stay informed is trough ”Sibiu City App”!

1. Transylvanian traditional bread with unique flavors

Right next to the Bridge of Lies you will find a rather simple and common tavern, but any student in Sibiu will tell you the place is everything but ordinary. Cheap beer, good music and some traditional „finger-food dishes” like the tasteful Transylvanian bread seasoned with lard and red onions, pork scraps paste, kidney beans pasta and sauerkraut and last but not least the local „zacusca” (a Romanian spread made of vegetables like eggplants or mushrooms and roasted bell peppers).

And all go great with a glass of wine, a mug of beer or a cup of apple juice. And let`s not forget this is the favorite place of nomad journeymen and you can meet them all summer long. Their customized bandanas with logos and guild symbols decorate the tavern’s walls.

Photo credit: inimutaa

Location: National Wine Cellar

2. Steak Salad

The „Steak Salad” blends together the strong beef chine flavor with sweet tart taste of tomatoes in a perfect balance with the sweet-spicy taste of pepper. You can enjoy it in one of the most attractive gardens in Piața Mică (”Small Square”), where the ambient becomes dazzling after you have a taste of red wine, part of their generous wine menu.

Location: Kulinarium

3. Baked beet salad with raspberry powder and goat cheese

A bold and healthy combination! In Transylvania beetroot is served roasted, pickled in combination with horseradish or sometimes as garnish. Even so the taste of beetroot is not very well appreciated by many yet if it is balanced with the intense aroma of goat cheese and sweetened with raspberry powder, beetroot becomes a dish that needs to be enjoyed by those who accept a culinary challenge!

Location: Jules Bistro

4. Smoked meat plate

Nothing compares to a plate of smoked meat, right in the heart of Sibiu, in one of the most beautiful, intimate, authentic and cozy places in town. You can try here some good wines and a selection of sausages, bacon, rind, "jumeri" (pork scraps) – all bio products, provided by local farmers.

Location: Weinkeller

5. Traditional chicken soup with noodles

Do you remember that soup with a strong chicken flavor with carrots and homemade noodles, on top of which there are golden circles sprinkled with some fresh parsley? We recommend it for the first dish, then you can choose a smoked pork bone with beans, “tapsa” (traditional dish with polenta, sausages, onion and cheese), pancakes or other traditional Romanian dishes.

You can find all these if you choose to walk through the city and settle at a place in which the menu, the restaurant and the waiters’ clothes are all traditional.

Location: The Old Sibiu Wine Cellar

6. Tripe soup

Whether you come with friends or business partners, to sit and enjoy lunch or just passing by in a hurry, Sibiu is the place you will find the best tripe soup you've eaten so far. Portions are quite generous, rich in tripe and seasoned with homemade sour cream, garlic, chili pepper and vinegar.

Photo credit: mariciu

Location: Kon-Tiki

7. Romanian bean sour soup in bread

Kidney beans are used as part of many recipes in Transylvania. Combined with vegetables and a smoked pork bone, it becomes a very delicious soup that will make you devour your plate…and you can literally do it! In some restaurants, beans soup is served in a "pita", a round bread with a lid made from the same bread, the core is extracted so you can pour the sour soup inside.

Photo credit: rebeccadunca

Location: Delis Restaurant

8. Roasted bell peppers cream soup

Autumn landscape is filled with the colors and flavors of fruits and vegetables. The housewives do their best to preserve them in various forms. The red bell pepper is roasted in order to be mixed with other vegetables in what Romanians call “zacusca”, or turned into pickles, but most of the times to be transformed into a creamy soup which fuses all the autumns` magnificent flavors - roasted bell peppers cream soup. It is seasoned with garlic and you can add sour cream and croutons to it.

Location: Atrium Cafe

9. Slowly cooked pork liver, caramelized apples and mashed potatoes

Local grown ingredients, meat brought from the Sibiu area households and fresh vegetables purchased daily from the local Cibin Marketplace make for a matchless taste, however simple may it be. Among other seasonal dishes, the slowly cooked pork liver, caramelized apples and mashed potatoes dish is the kind of food that will convince you to think at food from a whole new perspective.

Location: Syndicat Gourmet

10. Trout in corn flakes

The Trout is a typical freshwater fish most commonly found in the cold mountain rivers flowing from the nearby Fagaras Mountain Range. You can either fish one yourself at the Albota trout stream in Arpasu de Sus or at the Sadu River, or you can enjoy a fresh one in the city, simply and very tastefully cooked.

Photo credit: spiritlevelnatassja

Location: Hermania Restaurant

11. Flammkuchen or "alsatian tart" at Hochmeister

In the Alsace region of France, bakeries used a very thin piece of dough to test the oven temperature. That would not go to waste but had some cheese, cream or bacon added to it, and so ending up as an amazing snack.

This is how the „alsacian tart” or „German pizza” was born. The dish description sounds so good that it confuses you. Do you eat it or just admire it? Whatever the conclusion may be, this type of simple, but authentic dish, will always surprise your senses.

Location: Hochmeister

12. Reinterpreted Sibian pork club steak

If you're looking for dishes that merge the local taste with modern cooking techniques and unexpected combinations, then the reinterpreted Sibian pork club steak is an inspired choice. Instead, you can try other dishes that sound as good as they are: chicken breast in pistachio sauce, wolf fish in potato crust, cutlet with mashed celery and sweet and sour sauce with mustard grains, and so on.

Location: Restaurant Capa

13. Beef ribs with barbeque sauce

This deli is made out of cold and marinated Angus, matured for at least 21 days. The meat is marinated in spices and cooked in the oven. The result is so good, that you could literally lick your fingers. More than that, the main ingredients come from cattle that eat the grass from the Transylvanian Highlands near Marpod, Sibiu county.

Photo credit: anamariarav

Location: Benjamin Steakhouse

14. Lamb burger

There is a place in town where you can find a great lamb burger, perfectly cooked. They are among the few in the city who buy ingredients directly from local producers. The ambiance is warm and friendly and if you're lucky, you may find yourself in the middle of a wine tasting or a culinary event.

Location: Pasaj

15. Romanian Cabbage Rolls with Minced Meat and Polenta

You will find these little rolls of minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves on the holiday table of every family in Romania. The recipes are inherited from ancestors and each housewife has her secret ingredient that makes the dish unique. Whether they are cooked in special clay pots, packed in sour or sweet cabbage, seasoned with thyme or bay, tomatoes or chili pepper, cabbage rolls are best when they are boiled together in large quantities. Serve it with sour cream and homemade bread!

Photo credit: alexandru_dragomir_cosmin

Location: Sibian Wine Cellar

16. Raw-vegan cakes at She's Green

No matter how carnivorous we are, the lime, cranberries, basil or other flavored raw cakes convince us to turn, once in a while, vegetarian. In addition, you can also taste dishes which until recent times were considered exuberant or at least exotic: gazpacho, ajoblancho or tabbouleh. These are amongst the dishes recently introduced in the trendy menus of Sibiu.

Photo credit: kathieespunkt

Location: She's Green

17. Romanian cheese dumplings

Whoever likes to try the local recipes, it's good to know that Romanians turned the ordinary dumplings into one of the most delicious desserts, that surely will make you say "Yummy!". The Romanian dumplings are made of fresh cow cheese, wrapped in breadcrumbs and then covered with sweet cream sauce and berries jam.

Location: La Turn

18. Ischler

The origin of the name comes from the "Bad Ischl" mountain resort in Austria, where the ischler was invented in the 19th century by Johann Zauner. As Sibiu made it a habit to always keep up with everything new, the relish recipes quickly became available to pastry chefs’ kitchens. These mini desserts combine crispy biscuits stuffed with cocoa cream, sprinkled with peanuts and wrapped in a fine chocolate glaze. It is a joy for your taste buds and ensure a happy and positive mood.

Location: Tekaffee Continental

19. Apple strudel

Apples are the emblematic fruits of Sibiu County. We can find specific varieties in Mălâncrav, between Slimnic and Șura Mare or Sibiel and Dobârca. Along the hiking trails from around the region, anyone can taste an apple straight from the apple trees. The apple pie is very popular throughout the county, and one of the most loved one is the apple strudel. Enjoy it warm, topped with plain powder sugar on the most beautiful street in Sibiu!

Location: Aroma Confectionary

20. Water from the dragon's mouth

The first thing you must try in Sibiu is the tap water, right from the water fountains. Besides the fact it's considered among the cleanest tap water in the country, due to the purification system, it comes from a glacial lake named Iezerul Mare from the Cindrel Mountains. It's believed to be the lake shelter of Sfântu Gheorghe's dragon.

Various locations.

Words and expressions used during meal in Romania

Enjoy your meal! - Poftă bună! / Să-ți tihnească!
I'm hungry! - Mi-e foame!
I'm craving! - Mi-e poftă!
I'm thirsty! - Mi-e sete!
Please! - Te rog frumos!

Sweet - Dulce
Salty - Sărat
Sour - Amar

Tasty - Gustos
Delicious - Delicios

Cheers! - Sănătate / Noroc
I hope you enjoyed your meal! - Să-ți fie de bine!
Thank you! - Mulțumesc

Plate - Farfurie
Teaspoon - Linguriță
Spoon - Lingură
Fork - Furculiță
Knife - Cuțit
Glass - Pahar
Napkin - Șervețel

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