The Apafi Manor - Mălâncrav

The Apafi Manor - Mălâncrav

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Strada Livezii, Mălâncrav 557117, Romania


The manor, as well as the whole village, belonged to the Apafi noble family. In the 18th century, when they had no more heirs, the manor has been taken over by the Bethlen noble family. Throughout time, the Apafi house has been changing its shape and was several times renovated in 1830 the owner of the time, Graf Haller. In 1920 the manor was transfered to the Saxon community, then transformed into the cultural house of the village, then seized by communists in 1949.

After discovering in the archives of the Hungarian state several detailed inventories that marked the changes brought to the Mâlâncrav estate between 1679 and 1778, German architect Jan Hulsemann and contractors Fritz Klutsch and Ernst Linzing brought the manor back to its original 18th century aspect, using traditional techniques and materials. Once the architecture and finishes were restored, British designer David Mlinaric was in charge of the interior design, respecting the same spirit: most of the objects inside the rooms of the manor – weave work, lace work, furniture pieces and ironware – are of local provenience, either originally found inside the manor, or brought from the nearby villages.


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