Taste of Sibiu - Apples

Taste of Sibiu - Apples

If we were to think of a fruit that best represents Sibiu, it would certainly be the apple, thanks to the many types available and to the numerous apple orchards all around the county.

The apple harvesting tradition in Sibiu begins in the 18th century in Mărginimea Sibiului and even earlier in the Valea Tarnavelor area when locals learn to use the unique properties of each type of apple to create many delicious treats. For example, strong flavoured apples such as Pătulul, Domnescul and Masanschi are use to make jams and sweets, Boiken apples are used to make compotes and Renet apples are usually tuned into juice or ciders.

Every household in Sibiu will at some point, if not at all times have apples at their dinner table be it raw, in a compote or cider. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to taste a heavenly delicious apple pie.

There’s so much apple variety around but don’t take our word for it, go, explore and find your favourite flavour in any of these locations:


You can get a taste of over 34 types of apples and 7 types of pears when you visit Sibiel, Fantanele. The best time to plan your visit is in October during their autumn fair. Alternatively, if you feel adventurous, you can go for a walk on the many tourist routes available in the area but not before stocking up on your favourite apples.

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Did you know?

In 2009 Marginimea Sibiului was awarded the „Golden Apple” award, the Oscar in the tourist industry, for its exceptional touristic region by the International Federation of Journalists and Writers in the Tourism Industry.
Next time you visit Sibiel, you may also want to stop by the Museum of Glass Icons where the award is held.

Museum of Glass Icons


The fruit orchards in Cisnădioara give this romantic town near Sibiu even more charm. They even have a street called Apple’s Street by the end of which you'll find a beautiful apple orchard and a Restaurant and Guesthouse called Apfelhaus, iconic, right? Why should you visit them? They use freshly harvested apples to make the most delicious salads, strudels and cakes to delight even the most discerning palette.



Mărul de Sibiu (The Apple of Sibiu) Association aims at bringing freshly harvested apples closer to you. They managed to bring together local apples producers, from small local ones to larger businesses such as Hortisem, Hortifruct or Horticola International to promote and sell their apples in local shops. Their many types of apples are currently available for sale in local shop such as Simpa and Trans Agape, as well as markets such as Transylvania Market, every Saturday. If you find yourself visiting Sura Mare, don’t forget to visit their private orchard, it’s a great place to get a taste of their freshly harvested apples.

Horticola Internațional Transylvania Market


You can’t miss the large apple orchards on the left side of the road when you enter Slimnic (taking the road from Sibiu). Or the harvesters displaying their many types of apples and homemade apple juice at their gate. It’s a great place to make a stop, get to know them, taste some apples and learn more about their handcrafts and tradition in making natural apples juices.

Savoarea merelor


What can better testify to the tradition of harvesting apples in Mălâncrav than the name itself, Mălâncrav, which means „apple wheel” (from the Hungarian Almakerék)?; that, and the fact that the orchard has been around since 1305. A decline has been recorded after the communist period however, in 2009 the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation has decided to bring the orchard back to its former glory and plant over 100 hectares of land with an incredible variety of apple trees ranging from Patul, Poinic, Renet, Frumos de Boscop, Parmen. It all paid off, as right now the orchard is famous for its apple juice. The juice is so delicious that has even become a registered trademark.

📸 http://livadamalancrav.ro/, IG.com/proudromania/, IG.com/greenminismartie/

Local Pasaj Syndicat Gourmet Arhiva de Cafea și Ceai Korona

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