The Stairs Gangway


Pasajul Scărilor, Sibiu, România


The Stairs Gangway is one of the places in Sibiu with the best preserved medieval air. Some historians assume that the Stairs Gangway was allegedly built around the 13th century, but most of the specialists are of the opinion that only at the beginning of the 14th century Mayor Markus Pempfflinger required the construction of the gangway.

Also known as the “Wall with needles”, the Stairs Gangway was built of stone and brick, connecting the Upper Town with the Lower Town via two lines of stairs and arcades that surrounded the walls of the citadel around the Evangelical Church.

The Gangway ends in the upper part, at the crossing with Odobescu Street, with the Gate Tower and with the Old City Hall, today the History Museum within the Brukenthal National Museum.

The building situated on the Southern side of the Stars Gangway houses the oldest restaurant of Romania, where – it is told that – even Michael the Brave dined after the battle of Șelimbăr.

In order to arrive at the Stairs Gangway one must pass beneath the arch of the Stairs Tower.

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