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The town dressed in thousands of fresh green tones, the blooming breeze of flowering trees and happy people, welcome you in spring in Sibiu.
Tell us what Sibiu inspires you and we’ll invite you for two days here!


You would think that you know Sibiu, that what you see is enough, but do not settle with the ordinary tourist stuff! Dare to find out more about the city on Cibin shore, along with a specialized tourist guide who knows the history of the place, but especially the local intriguing stories.


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If hundreds of years ago the fortification protected the city from enemy invasions, nowadays they guard us from the alert rhythm of 21st century life. Once you have crossed the threshold of the fortification enclosure, time seems to stop, traffic noise disappears, leaving room for grace and relaxation.

📸 “Old Gates of Sibiu" - Böbel album

The Fortifications Route

The Baroque architecture of the Brukenthal Palace is remarked in the Big Square, but the interior is even more captivating. The works of the artists are waiting to be admired in the most beautiful salons. Do not miss a walk in the inner courtyard or the Brukenthal chocolate.

📸 Inner Court of the Brukenthal Palace - Brukenthal National Museum

The Romanian Art Gallery The European Art Gallery

Sibiu also means a variety of landscapes and cultures in the surroundins. Visit the collection of glass icons brought to Sibiel from all over the country and enjoy a tasty meal at a family from Marginimea Sibiului.

📸 Sibiel (c)

Museum of Icons on Glass "Priest Zosim Oancea" Through the surroundings of Sibiu

Spring brings a fresh breath and surplus energy, perfect for consuming pedaling a bike on marked bicycle routes. Organized or on your own, on and off road.


Organised bike routes Marked bike routes

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