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Historically, the existence of organized recreational locations started in the 18th century in Dumbrava Forest and it became an express concern with the implication of profiled organizations, namely the City Embellishment Society founded in the second half of the 19th century and the Natural Sciences Society of Sibiu.

The initiative of landscaping for recreational purposes and botanical information becomes possible once the fortifications have lost their military value. The first organized park is the Under the Alders Park (since 1856) between Josephin Citadel and Steaua Citadel, demanding a wide creation of plantations and setup of ponds which is completed by the setup of the ample Folk Technique Museum of Dumbrava Sibiului, followed by the setup of „Astra” Park that is currently preserved in its initial condition. The busts of the park started being placed in 1973 (Octavian Goga, Gheorghe Lazăr, Andrei Mureşianu and Andrei Şaguna) followed in 1975 by Badea Cârţan, in 1979 by Ioan Slavici, in 1991 by Timotei Cipariu, in 2006 by Emanuil Gojdu and the last one in 2010, namely August Treboniu Laurian.

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