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Prima Cartofisserie din oraș s-a deschis zilele trecute în food court-ul din Promenada! Aici, banalii cartofi sunt ridicați la rang de specialitate. Secretul stă în faptul că sunt tăvăliți prin condimente, sunt prăjiți atât cât trebuie pentru o crustă perfectă și sunt serviți cu sosurile potrivite. Mmm, deja ne este poftă!

Fiind fast-food, servirea se face rapid, deci nu vom petrece mult timp la coadă. Cu toate acestea, în aceste zile, prudența este necesară oriunde!

Vezi pagina Cartofisserie

Doar ce-i bun

Acum, ar putea fi o idee bună să-ți cumperi o bere artizanală sau un vin românesc și să te bucuri de ele acasă, în siguranță totală.

Noul magazin „Doar Ce-i Bun” de pe Șoseaua Alba Iulia, nr. 1 aduce o varietate de băuturi alcoolice de bună calitate, sucuri naturale și praline elvețiene, ce merită încercate, rând pe rând.

Vezi pagina Doar ce-i bun


Nu e o locație nouă, în schimb noutatea e adusă tocmai în meniu. Restaurantul Local de pe Târgu Vinului nr. 16 propune un meniu nou cu specific libanez, gata să ne transpună într-o altă lume, cu ale sale preparate orientale: de la Hummus și Baba Gannouj, până la Tabuleh și Kifta.

În plus, în această perioadă în care ar trebui să petrecem mai mult timp acasă, putem beneficia de livrarea lor gratuită.

Vezi pagina Local


Pe strada Rennes a apărut o nouă cafenea intimă, bună pentru un boost de energie, dimineață de dimineață. Găsim însă și alte produse, precum prăjituri sau băuturile speciale, deci oricine se va simți bine primit.

Varianta TO GO este mai mult decât potrivită - poți lua rapid, la pachet, cafeaua preferată, acasă sau la birou.

Vezi pagina Sandifa

Charlie's Specialty Coffee And Wine

A new café animates the old city even more: Charlie's Specialty Coffee And Wine. The establishment opened a few days ago, and it’s a cozy place that serves freshly roasted coffee, craft beers, wines, cocktails, breakfast & brunch. You could find it on Ocnei Street, no. 3.

Vezi pagina Charlie's Specialty Coffee And Wine

Sushi Master

It's sushi time! Sushi Master is an international franchise that entered the Romanian market some years ago, and now it arrived in Sibiu. They have dozens of sushi recipes, authentic or innovative, but also prepared in the tempura, wok or grill style. To be tried on the first opportunity!

Vezi pagina Sushi Master

Cineplexx Sibiu

Even though Sibiu had for a long time only one cinema, soon the fourth location will open in the city. Cineplexx will be hosted by Shopping City Sibiu and will have 5 cinemas fitted with new technologies, such as Dolby Atmos or RealD 3D.

Vezi pagina Cineplexx Sibiu

Thai Thai - by Mangiare

When you're out of lunch ideas, here’s a suggestion to the rescue! Mangiare - the former takeaway and delivery location - recently shifted to Thai food and became Thai Thai by Mangiare. Their new menu includes specific dishes such as Stir Fry, Red Curry, Pad Thai or Sweet Chilli, based on rice and noodles.

Vezi pagina Thai Thai


We don't know how much their location has drawn your attention, but we are sure it will be a new recommendation for many of you. Mililitri is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages store on Alba Iulia Street, where you will find almost everything you might want. You could restock your supplies from Monday to Saturday, between 10am and 10pm.

Vezi pagina Mililitri

Pitstop 3'13"

A new coffee shop has opened in a less frequented area of​​ Sibiu - Stefan cel Mare Street, no. 152. Whether you are working in the neighborhood or just passing by, it is a good place to take a short break to recharge your batteries.

Vezi pagina Pitstop 3'13"

LUMOS coffee and brunch

LUMOS is the newest place in the city where you could enjoy a specialty coffee made by the book, and a tasty brunch for the late mornings. The shop is located on 1 Mitropoliei Street and looks great! It's worth a welcome visit.

Vezi pagina LUMOS coffee and brunch

Băcănia Trufandá

Opened for barely a month on the beautiful Archives street, Trufandá grocery is the kind of store where you could find almost everything you could make with your own hands, if you only had the time - handmade, fresh products that respect the consumer and the environment. You will hardly decide what to choose first!

Vezi pagina Băcăniei Trufandá


If Bakehouse on Calea Dumbrăvii didn’t already draw your attention, you should pay them a visit on your way to work or home. Here, you could find a variety of bakery and pastry products, baked with love right at the store, but also coffee, drinks or sandwiches. Bakehouse is open almost all day long - from 7:30 to 20:00.

Vezi pagina Bakehouse


The Ocnei Street is becoming more and more interesting. The AM PM Café has been open for a while in the building of the first street restaurant in Sibiu, and their tropical décor and "delicious" pics of homemade cakes make us want to cross their doorstep as soon as possible!

Vezi pagina AM PM

Terasa ARINI

ARINI Terrace Restaurant is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful establishments inaugurated this year in Sibiu. The location is perfect, near Sub Arini Park, and the glass walls invite you to connect with nature. Their menu features a combination of Mediterranean recipes and dishes baked on the Josper oven.

Vezi pagina Terasei ARINI

Consommé Bistro

Located in Astra Park, Consommè Bistro welcomes you in a cozy atmosphere ideal for discovering new dishes every day. Prepared only with the freshest ingredients, their dishes will for sure tantalize your tastebuds! Make sure you plan a visit soon, it's worth it!

Vezi pagina Consommé Bistro


Victoriei Boulevard has a new spot for sleepy mornings. Not just any place, but 5 TO GO - the largest coffee shop chain in the country. The interesting part is that any product, be it coffee, fresh, soft drink or pastry, has the same price: 5 lei. Now you know where to go!

Vezi pagina 5 To Go

Mexican Food / Waffles, Crepes & More

Sibiu needed a Mexican eatery, so Mexican Food will try to fill our appetite for burrito, quesadilla or nachos. Waffles, Crepes & More is located in the same place, providing desserts. To be tried!

Vezi pagina Mexican Food Vezi pagina Waffles, Crepes & More

Paella & Tapas

Paella & Tapas? Every gourmand’s dream! We could find them in Habermann Square, in the recently opened Spanish Eatery. If the original seafood recipe is not your favorite, you could try one with vegetables or chicken. They all retain the authentic Spanish taste, served with lemon juice. Yummy, yummy!

Vezi pagina Paella & Tapas

Mood Fresh

It is not a newcomer in Sibiu, but Mood Fresh has expanded this summer with a new energizing spot, on Victoriei Boulevard, at the corner with Justitiei Street. Their Juice Bar serve natural juices and smoothies in all kinds of colors and flavors, to keep us in a "fresh" mood.

Vezi pagina Mood Fresh

Tricky Noodles

Sibiu does not offer many Chinese food choices, but Tricky Noodles is a new option. The restaurant makes deliveries, and their menu has authentic chicken side dishes and main courses.

Tricky Noodles

Do you enjoy drinking coffee or are you passionate about it?

Pasajul Scărilor area in Sibiu is now even more charming thanks to the mesmerising aromas of coffee that's being roasted using state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you are highly passionate about coffee or you simply enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, you have found the ideal place.

Flow Coffee Roasters

Petit Patis

Tarte Tatin, Baba Rhum, Cake groisseile, Canele, Choux pistache framboise, Flan Caramel, Flan Vanille, chocolate, coffee or salted caramel eclairs, and the famous macarons are just some of the French specialties you will get to taste in the new boulangerie that just opened its doors on Tunului Street.

Petit Patis

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