Sibiel and the Golden Apples

We begin the promised series of stories with a family story whose protagonists are none other than us, Iuliana, Petru, and I, Cristi. The story starts in the village of Sibiel in not very distant times – March 2020, the first lockdown, which for us meant an accelerated transformation: from living in a flat to moving to the orchards in a village in Mărginimea Sibiului. Yes, we moved from Sibiu to Sibiel for good.
It’s true that we did not move to a completely new realm, as Sibiel was already familiar. As a teenager, during the holidays, my colleagues and I used to walk up to the former Fântânele chalet, then came the groups of German and Austrian tourists whom I guided as they hiked to the Godia Clearing. More than that, three years ago, we started renovating Iuliana’s grandparents’ house in the village, we had a history of picnics organized in the area together with Iuliana, and Petru was already going to kindergarten there. So, we knew the place, but what we didn’t know was that it would bring us the slow living dimension we were about to experience. And we would like to tell you some things about all these. 

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