Sibiu is Full of Colour. Discover More than 1,600 sqm of Street Art

Sibiu is Full of Colour. Discover More than 1,600 sqm of Street Art

The sixth edition of the Sibiu International Street Art Festival is almost over. Eleven street art works are already finished, but painting is still ongoing at the wall that will display the biggest mural in Romania. This year, the Street Art Tour in Sibiu includes 96 works spread all over the city.

Over 525 sqm of colour, concentrated in the biggest mural in Romania

Sweet Damage Crew marks the work that will become this year's biggest attraction of the Sibiu Street Art Tour. The mural will be impressive in terms of size, which is why four members of the group are still working to finalize it. The mural will cover the entire side wall of a building in Aurel Vlaicu Square, a highly circulated area, having a maximum height of 25 metres and covering 525 sqm in total. 

The work is in line with this year's festival theme - “#Origins”, and is very important to the group members through the message it sends, i.e. “a tribute to man and to humankind, to individuals and society, from the origins to current times”. From a compositional standpoint, the mural is a group portrait, made up of various faces, painted in different colours and styles, thus supporting the idea of united in diversity.

New works in the biggest Street Art Tour in Romania

The 17 works created as part of this year's edition of SISAF, of which 12 permanent murals, will further enrich the city’s outdoor urban gallery, which now includes a total of 9,700 square metres of colour. Overall, 96 art works bring beauty to disadvantaged areas in the city, raise questions in passers-by or send positive messages.
At the beginning of last week, fifteen artists and groups from Romania, Spain and Ukraine have taken over a series of visible walls in the city and laid their community art on them. Thus, through the 1,600 sqm of colour, they brought to life a series of key locations - blocks of flats, schools and other important buildings for the city.
If in the last years we’ve seen paintings on kindergartens, secondary schools and high schools, in 2020, a first mural was created on the building of the Faculty of Engineering, of the “Lucian Blaga” University, the festival thus providing works for the beneficiaries of all education tiers. This big mural is the work of artists Șatran, Biex & Ana Gabriela. 

Șatran, Biex & Ana Gabriela

Buildings of educational institutions have been painted with two other impactful works: “Onisifor Ghibu” High School hosts the comic-book style mural by artist Popescu


Kindergarten no. 22 in Valea Aurie neighbourhood has come to life thanks to the vision of artist Toybox, who created a painting based on interwoven geometric shapes, inspired by Japanese children’s games. 

After creating a work on the facade of a building of the Sibiu International Airport for the first time in 2019, this year, artist John.S continued his work by adding a new characteristic mural to his art puzzle.

The latest edition of the festival also marked a location close to the city's historical centre, i.e. a wall of Urbana Company, which has been covered with a street art work signed by artist Lucian Sandu-Milea. The mural represents the alternance of two ways of life - one in the midst of the city, represented as an artificial time, tightly connected to technology, and another in harmony with nature, an eternal time.

Lucian Sandu-Milea

Another place where art will bring a major change is the Equestrian Club in Vasile Aaron neighbourhood, where Spanish artist T-Marsh is painting a work with a strong message these days. He chose to portray returning to the origins, raising an alarm to the fact the people are deliberately destroying nature and everything around them.
Finally, this year, great importance is granted to the blocks or the buildings revived by artists in several neighbourhoods of Sibiu, close to local people, so their art become accessible day after day. Ukraine’s Alex Maksiov has finalized an impressive 3D work on Calea Cisnădiei Street, where a huge window reveals the luxurious vegetation hidden inside the building. 

Alex Maksiov

On the other hand, Kaps Crew present the mural entitled “From Bing Bang to Tik Tok”, urging for introspection and aiming to present two temporal aspects of the Universe. The group’s work can be seen in Vasile Aaron neighbourhood, on the blocks of flats at 26 Semaforului Street.

Kaps Crew

The area around Binder Lake is also included in the festival for the first time. A wall of a block on Avântului Street is the recipient of a new work by artist Andreea Toma, who signed one of the most appreciated works of last year’s edition. This time, she talks about origins through the image of a grandmother transposed in the present via surprising elements specific for the new generation. In the same area, street artist Homeboy LDJ has created an urban intervention in authentic graffiti style on the wall of a building that needed a major change. 

Andreea Toma

Not least, another work available to locals of Sibiu is on Șoseaua Alba Iulia Street, on a highly visible wall of the Housing Authority block of flats. Artist Cristian Scutaru thus finishes his work entitled “Free Your Mind”, a mural full of symbols.

Cristian Scutaru

Adding to the mural paintings, artist Pisica Pătrată, one of the most important artists of the kind in Romania, has finished a new art installation. He has created some cubes, which together make up an interactive art installation that will be exhibited in Sub Arini Park and other locations over the next period. 

Pisica Pătrată

Moreover, these days, the young artist PARA is creating four asphalt paintings as part of a campaign to educate road users through art, which started during the last edition of the festival. These are located next to four highly-circulated pedestrian crossings in the centre of the city, bringing relevant awareness-raising messages to pedestrians.
Their exact locations are: Corneliu Coposu Boulevard (next to the skatepark), Constituției Street (next to Tineretului Park), Aurel Vlaicu Square (at the roundabout between Mihai Viteazul and Calea Dumbrăvii Street), the junction between Calea Turnișorului and Șoseaua Alba Iulia Street 
See all the works created so far in SISAF.

Photo credits: Sergiu Pavălă

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