24. On Papiu Ilarian Street, towards the most beautiful street in Sibiu

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Strada Alexandru Papiu-Ilarian, Sibiu, Romania


If you are not tired of choosing souvenirs at the beginning of Papiu Ilarian street, we invite you to keep exploring the city. The closer you look, the more interesting details you will discover. Roofs with skylights, facades with embossed motifs and decorated gates – just check the solar motif on the green gate after crossing the Tipografilor Street. Radu Stanca, the spiritual patron of the National Theater in Sibiu, lived, in the big building on the corner. You will find his name on one of the stars of the Hall of Celebrities in the Citadel Park.
Take a few more steps to reach Cetăţii Street, named "The most beautiful street of Sibiu". Its spectacularity comes from to the luster of history imprinted by the towers and defense walls. It remains the best preserved portion of the 14th century fortification rings. The defense walls looked like the restored section near you. The bastions were named after the guilds that built and managed them, so you can see those of the Arquebusiers, Potters and Carpenters.
In the sixteenth century, Sibiu had one of the best equipped and efficient defense systems. The walls surrounded about 80 ha, and 39 bastions reinforced them. The key elements remained, of course, the inhabitants assisted by the most modern military technology of the time. This explains why Sibiu was never conquered, even during the harshest Ottoman invasions, being nicknamed "the red city". This was also due to the tribute paid to the Ottoman Empire.
Walking between the two walls makes it hard to believe that you are in a former watercourse, used for a more effective defense, doesn’t it?

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 Although they serve the same purpose, each bastion is different from the other in shape and decorative elements. They probably demonstrate the pride and the desire for artistic expression of the guilds.

🔍 Since 2013, on each new edition of the Sibiu Theater Festival, several important personalities from the international world of performing arts receive a star on the Hall of Celebrities.

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