27. Tipografilor Street - Schiller Square - Arhivelor Street

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Piata Schiller 1, Piața Friedrich Schiller 1, Sibiu 557260, Romania


After you take a snapshot of the pastel facades with your camera or with your eyes, we invite you to sneak through the gangway near Thalia Hall. You will reach Tipografilor Street, formerly called Wiesengasse, at a time when the Pottery Fair was organized here. From here, you will enter the Schiller Square, to your right. Underneath the bay window in the corner, you will see Schiller's bronze bust. Gustav Nüssbacher, one of the expert butchers in the manufacture of the Sibiu Salami at the beginning of the 20th century, donated it to the city.
The statue was initially unveiled in the ASTRA Park, on the 150th anniversary of the birth of the most famous German romantic poet. Enjoy a moment of peace on the benches around the artesian fountain.
In front of you is a facade with richly ornate metal grilles, authentic from the Baroque era of the city. The house belonged to Martin Hochmeister, the city mayor, who was visited by the emperor Joseph II himself. In this same house lived Hochmeister's great-grandson, Emil Sigerus, to whom we owe the Chronicle of Sibiu.
Crossing Timotei Popovici Street, you can see the building of the State Archives on your right side. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, it retains elements of the eclectic style. The construction was designed for the same purpose it fulfills today. Large windows allow sunlight to enter the depot, separated from the administrative building by a long corridor, to protect the documents in case of fire. It is the first building raised for the safekeeping and conservation of the archival heritage in Romania. It stores documents from 1292 to 1984. You will recognize the coat of arms of Transylvania, Sibiu and Saxon University on its facade.
Archivelor Street will lead you back to the Grand Square. Before passing through the General's gangway, look for the city's coat of arms in the decorative elements of the Bedeus House.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 Archivelor Street was called Generalkommandogasse until 1872, Ambruster until 1946 and Franklin Delano Roosevelt until 1970.

🔍 For 200 years, a mill, known as Rossmühle, functioned in the Schiller Square.

🔍 The house that shelters Schiller's bust belonged to Gustav Dietrich. After his death, he left the building to the foundation with the same name, which opened here the "Christian guesthouse."

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