1. Sibiu City Hall and the Tourist Information Center

1. Sibiu City Hall and the Tourist Information Center

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2, Samuel Brukenthal, Entrance F (from Piaţa Mare), Sibiu 550178, Romania


Hello! Nice to meet you in the audio guide, where we invite you to discover Sibiu. Take a break for a few hours and join our leisurely stroll to explore a small piece of the Historic Center. The city map will guide you on a walk in space and time. Listen to the stories and let yourself conquered!

You are in the Tourist Information Center of Sibiu City Hall, a place where we warmly welcome you as a guest and hope to see you again as a friend. After inquiring about current events, maybe you want to admire the on-going exhibition or, on the contrary, you are anxious to start your tour.

We invite you to the inner courtyard of the building, where the story of the city on the Cibin river begins. Don't rush to get there! Let your eyes explore the space and become enchanted by the Art Nouveau architectural details. Notice the monumental spiral staircase leading to the first floor, or the ornaments of the stained glass, embedding the city's coat of arms: two crossed swords, three leaves, a crown and 7 towers, painted on a red triangular shield. You will find these elements on the glass case holding the stone in which Herman, the ruler of the Saxon colonists, is said to have stuck his sword, marking the territory as their new home. All the others followed his example, thus giving rise to the community symbol. This happened in the 12th century, when Sibiu was first mentioned in a papal document under the name of "Cibininium". This is how the “Young since 1191” motto of the city was born!

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 Since 2006, Sibiu City Hall has been housed in the youngest building in the Grand Square.

🔍 It was completed in 1906, as the headquarters of the “Credit Funciar” Bank.

🔍The mobile application “Sibiu City App” belongs to Sibiu City Hall. The "Incident Reporting" module allows direct communication with the public authorities. 

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