13. The ASTRA Museum

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Piața Mică 21, Sibiu 550182, Romania


You have often heard the word "ASTRA", the abbreviation for the “Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People”, established in Sibiu in 1861. The Orthodox bishop Andrei Șaguna became its first president, while the most famous intellectuals of the time became members. Its goals included supporting research, publishing in Romanian, setting up municipal libraries and organizing exhibitions. Thus, on August 19, 1905 they opened the first exhibition, giving birth to what became the ASTRA National Museum Complex. The temporary exhibitions of the museum can also be visited in the galleries of the House of Arts. The same building also hosted the “Emil Sigerus Museum of Saxon Ethnography and Folk Art”, which is now included in the ASTRA Multicultural Pavilion in Dumbrava Sibiului.
The ASTRA open-air museum is among the most well-known and appreciated centers in the world that maintain the authentic traditional spirit.
Do not hesitate: the open-air museum is an invitation to explore the pre-industrial rural universe of Romania. You will be able to admire traditional houses from different regions of the country. You will have the opportunity to explore the workshops and learn the secrets of the folk crafts. Above all, you can enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of a corner of timeless and spaceless Romania. The sight of the windmills reflected in the lake’s mirror will delight you. There's no place for boredom! The agenda of interactive events has surprises for everyone, regardless of age!
Depending on your available time you could walk for kilometers on the museum’s alleys, use a carriage or an electric scooter. If, in the meantime, you become hungry or thirsty, try the tasty food of the Folk Fair, maybe even during a gastronomic event in progress.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 In 2019, the ASTRA Museum was awarded three Michelin stars.

🔍 ASTRA is the Latin name for celestial bodies or stars.

🔍 One of the most modern restoration centers in the country operates within the museum. A 2000 years old Egyptian mummy will enter the restoration and conservation process. It was exhibited until 2019 in the "Franz Binder" Museum.

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