12. The Bridge of Lies

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Piața Mică, Sibiu 550182, Romania


The Bridge of Lies can be found on all the lists of landmarks to be visited in Sibiu. It is said to have been the meeting point of young Sibian ladies and the Austro-Hungarian soldiers who came to the city. Here, eternal love was professed, and worthless vows were made. The deceived girls cursed the bridge to crumble with those who uttered a lie while walking on it.
Another legend tells of false prophets, hung by this bridge. Other sources believe that the name was due to conflicts between merchants and locals. Being very demanding, the people of Sibiu confronted the producers who sold bad merchandise, and the bridge became a famous bad place.
Regardless of period and legend, it is certain that the Bridge of Lies has become a symbol of the city, the first cast-iron bridge built in the country - in 1859. The black structure is embellished with beautiful gothic plant ornaments, along with golden symbols and characters.
The present links the bridge to new customs that give birth to other legends, such as the locks. Since the bridge is a historical monument, the locks hanging on its rails are removed periodically. That is the time when the love locked on the bridge will melt in the recycled metal.
No matter the legend you believe in, give yourself a moment on this bridge between truth and lie, a bridge which links, or separates the Lesser Square from the Huet Square and the Upper Town from the Lower Town.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 One of the explanations for the name of the Bridge comes from two German homophone words: Liegenbrücke (the “Lain Bridge”) and Lügenbrücke (the “Bridge of Lies”).

🔍 The bridge was inaugurated in December 17, 1860.

🔍 The street below the Bridge leads to the Dragon Square and Ocnei Street.

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