ARTmania Festival 2024 Official Event

ARTmania Festival 2024 Official Event


Piața Mare, Sibiu, România


Data și ora:

Vineri, 26 Iulie 2024 - Duminică, 28 Iulie 2024
17:00 - 00:00


The 17th edition of ARTmania Festival will take by storm the Large Square and other Sibiu locations to celebrate live rock & metal music together with our favourite bands, friends, family and the entire ARTmania community.

During the festival days, at the end of July, fans will rejoice the live amazing concerts offered by:
♬ Korn (USA)
♬ Satyricon (NO)
♬ The Flower Kings (SE)
♬ Borknagar (NO)
♬ Spiritbox (CA)
♬ Monuments (UK)
♬ Alpha Q (RO)
♬ Awake the Demons (RO)
♬ More artists will be announced in the close future

Born in 2006, ARTmania Festival is one of the pioneers of Romanian music festivals.
A major rock event in Transylvania, the event showcases a unique combination of quality music & cultural events, held in the spectacular city center of Sibiu.